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Inexpensive ways to decorate with Patent Prints

decorate with patent prints

Decorating your home is one of the single most exciting and stressful events of all. You start with a blank canvas that is beautiful for sure, but that lacks personality and that lacks the touches that it needs to truly feel like home. There are plenty of design options to choose from however that can help you make your house so much more and make any space instantly feel more inviting and welcoming.

Decorate with Patent Prints – Quirky Design Options

Everyone has seen the lovely art prints of animals, of parks and summer days, and the typical fare when it comes to wall art. Though these are certainly stunning, they lack a certain flare and do not truly reflect the personality of the space or of the person that uses the space daily. Patent prints are a great way to add a quirky element to your space and to truly make things special.

So what are patent prints? A patent drawing is a document that is submitted to the government to secure the design of an object so that it cannot be reproduced by other people. Patents are essentially blue prints that help the inventor to tag their name to an item and protect the design that they worked so hard to create from would be impostors. Patents exist for virtually everything that we use daily, as well as some things that we have never even heard of. There is even a patent for toilet paper on the roll, imagine that!

Patents are a great way to illustrate the proper use for an item and can be a stunning decorating tool. So how might you use patents to decorate your home or office? For starters, patents make fantastic wall art. As mentioned before, there are patents for virtually everything so you can certainly find patents that fit your unique interests or that fit the space that you have available.

Choosing Patents Based on Room Use

One wonderful way to use patents is to display them in the room of their use. This could mean something like using kitchen tools or kitchen centered patents to decorate your kitchen. Household item patents are great for this use with patents for things like spoons, forks, ovens, mixers and more. You can also buy patent art prints in a variety of finishes from yellowed paper that looks old and fragile to blue print paper that looks industrial and cool.

You can also find patent prints for baby items like the first baby bottle, pacifiers, high chairs and more. There are patent prints for cars, air planes like the 1929 Airplane Patent Print at, instruments, machines, and so much more. You can choose these patents to decorate rooms based on their function and to help give a certain something to any room in which you display them.

Patents are a great idea for home offices as they give a very work like vibe to any space and can make any room feel more sophisticated and upscale. Patents are also a great way to display your own personal interests so that your visitors can see what really gets your gears going. Musicians might love patents for the instrument that they play, a professional cyclist might love a bike patent, and an engineer would certainly adore a bridge patent.

Patents for an Eclectic Feel

Patent prints are a great way to give an eclectic feel to any space. Since they are the bones of an item, patents give a deconstructed and edgy feel to any space where they are used. Instead of flowery and light like some other art prints, patent prints give a hard edge that makes the space feel a bit more industrial. You can use prints for every day items like slinky or a toy that your child loves to give an edgier feel than if you just showed a picture of a slinky.

Patents are also a great way to give a casual, thrown together look. Instead of being very put together and very regimented like a picture from a magazine, patents give a feeling of someone that collects and loves what they collect. You can order your patents in neat rows for a very orderly look or you can place them haphazardly for a mad scientist sort of look. No matter how you choose to display your patents, the look is sure to be unique.

Patents Sizes

You can purchase patent prints in a wide range of sizes from small and delicate, to large and attention grabbing like the 1856 Revolver Patent Print at Larger prints are great for living rooms and family rooms as a focal point and conversation starters. These large prints are wonderful for showing each small detail and really letting people see what the patent is all about. Have you ever looked at the inner workings of an item under a magnifying glass? This is the feeling that you get from using a large patent print that is going to command the attention of everyone in the room.

You can also choose smaller, more delicate patents to place in a collage on the wall or to place on coffee tables and side tables around your home.  Patents are a great subject for collages as they lend themselves to small and delicate arrangements. A great idea for a patent collage would be something like household items, watch patents, instrument patents, or simply a collection of patents that you love and that you love the look of.

With collages, you can either go for patents that are all the same size for a very orderly and structured look, or you can go for patents of varying sizes for a very funky look. Patents are a great way to make any home feel homier or to make any office instantly more interesting. Patents are a great design option and are perfect for just about any home or space.

Where to Buy

If you want to decorate with patent prints, buying patents at physical stores is an option but there selection may be limited. Purchasing from a trusted site like is a great option because they have a huge range of patents to choose from that are varied and of great quality. You can also save by buying bundles of more than one patent, perfect for those that are decorating and need more than one piece to finish their design. You can also find specials on certain items and even buy t-shirts with your favorite patent on them. Patents are a wonderful design tool and when used properly, can be a real boon to any space and its overall feel.