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      Blog — patent drawings

      Inexpensive ways to decorate with Patent Prints

      decorate with patent prints

      Decorating your home is one of the single most exciting and stressful events of all. You start with a blank canvas that is beautiful for sure, but that lacks personality and that lacks the touches that it needs to truly feel like home. There are plenty of design options to choose from however that can help you make your house so much more and make any space instantly feel more inviting and welcoming. Decorate with Patent Prints - Quirky Design Options Everyone has seen the lovely art prints of animals, of parks and summer days, and the typical fare when...

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      Patent Drawings to Patent Art

      Patent Prints Patent Drawings Patent Art

      Older patent drawings are often pieces of art. However, they are not just suitable for framing and hanging right "out of the box". Patent Drawings and filings go back to the early 1800s and even as early as 1790. Obviously, time has not been kind to many of these drawings and some have not feared too well. Often older patents have tears, missing pieces, smudges and lines. Many are also a bit crooked and not straight. The Patent Drawings to Patent Art Process The process to make an older patent into a piece of hang-able art is at times tedious....

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