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      Thomas Edison Patent Art in 10 of his inventions

      edison patent art

      Thomas Edison had an amazing 1,093 patents awarded to him during his lifetime. If you add foreign patents, that number rises to 2,332. The greater part of his patents were divided into the following categories: electric power and light, 425; recorded sound and phonographs, 200; batteries, 145; telegraphy and telegraphs, 185; iron ore milling and mining, 50; motion pictures, 10; cement, 40; and miscellaneous, 50. This famous inventor is recognized all over the world for the depth and breadth of his inventions. It comes as no surprise that many people, Steampunk fans included, would love to use Edison's patent art...

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      Patent Print Gifts - great gifts for people who are hard to buy for

      Patent Print Gifts

      When you go to buy a gift for someone, you have one of two choices: Buy them a gift that does not require much effort or thought Think about their interests and purchase a gift that aligns with the things they like As you probably already know, the first option above is ideal for people you don't really know or people who you simply want to show your appreciation for. The second option, however, is ideal for people you truly care about. Buying a patent print gift for a person who really care about Patent prints make for excellent gifts...

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