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Thomas Edison Patent Art in 10 of his inventions

edison patent art

Thomas Edison had an amazing 1,093 patents awarded to him during his lifetime. If you add foreign patents, that number rises to 2,332. The greater part of his patents were divided into the following categories: electric power and light, 425; recorded sound and phonographs, 200; batteries, 145; telegraphy and telegraphs, 185; iron ore milling and mining, 50; motion pictures, 10; cement, 40; and miscellaneous, 50. This famous inventor is recognized all over the world for the depth and breadth of his inventions. It comes as no surprise that many people, Steampunk fans included, would love to use Edison’s patent art for decorating their homes and places of business. We are happy to show you some of Edison’s most remarkable inventions that are now available as patent prints. Continue reading Thomas Edison Patent Art in 10 of his inventions

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Inexpensive ways to decorate with Patent Prints

decorate with patent prints

Decorating your home is one of the single most exciting and stressful events of all. You start with a blank canvas that is beautiful for sure, but that lacks personality and that lacks the touches that it needs to truly feel like home. There are plenty of design options to choose from however that can help you make your house so much more and make any space instantly feel more inviting and welcoming.

Decorate with Patent Prints – Quirky Design Options

Everyone has seen the lovely art prints of animals, of parks and summer days, and the typical fare when it comes to wall art. Though these are certainly stunning, they lack a certain flare and do not truly reflect the personality of the space or of the person that uses the space daily. Patent prints are a great way to add a quirky element to your space and to truly make things special.

Continue reading Inexpensive ways to decorate with Patent Prints

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Patent Print Gifts – great gifts for people who are hard to buy for

Patent Print Gifts

When you go to buy a gift for someone, you have one of two choices:

  1. Buy them a gift that does not require much effort or thought
  2. Think about their interests and purchase a gift that aligns with the things they like

As you probably already know, the first option above is ideal for people you don’t really know or people who you simply want to show your appreciation for. The second option, however, is ideal for people you truly care about. Continue reading Patent Print Gifts – great gifts for people who are hard to buy for

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Patent Drawings to Patent Art

Patent Prints Patent Drawings Patent Art

Older patent drawings are often pieces of art. However, they are not just suitable for framing and hanging right “out of the box”. Patent Drawings and filings go back to the early 1800s and even as early as 1790. Obviously, time has not been kind to many of these drawings and some have not feared too well. Often older patents have tears, missing pieces, smudges and lines. Many are also a bit crooked and not straight. Continue reading Patent Drawings to Patent Art

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What are Patents?

What is it?

You may have wondered to yourself “exactly what are patents“? In simple terms a patent gives certain exclusive rights to an inventor for a period of time. In exchange, the inventor must disclose the invention in detail. The exclusive right that is granted is generally the right to prevent others from making, selling or distributing a patented invention without permission. Patents are a form of intellectual property.

Every country has different procedures and requirements for granting a patent. Even the rights granted vary from country to country. A patent application must include one or more claims that define the invention. The claims must meet requirements of being novel, useful and non-obvious. Continue reading What are Patents?